How To Avoid Getting billed For Purchases On An Adult Entertainment Website

Auctions are becoming a very popular form of selling adult entertainment products. In fact, the number of adult auction sites has increased dramatically in recent years. Although these sites are gaining in popularity, they still face many challenges. In fact, many of the adult auction sites are not properly regulated and their sellers can violate many federal and state laws easily. If an auction site requires you to pay a membership fee before you can access their auctions, then keep in mind that you could be committing a crime.

It’s important to remember that you can buy adult entertainment products without buying from rabbit vibrater companies. There are other sources such as on-line retail stores, through mail order catalogs, and through various websites that sell adult entertainment products. However, there are no legitimate on-line retail stores that are truly independent. Many of these on-line retailers have been known to work for one or two of the major adult entertainment processing companies. The distributors of these products may use their sites for the sole purpose of earning money, which can result in them being guilty of securities fraud.

You should stay away from any adult industry merchants who require you to pay a membership fee before you can access their auctions. These types of merchants are considered to be high risk marketers by the majority of financial institutions. High risk marketing subjects you to the highest amount of possible losses. These include possible credit card chargebacks and money transfer failures. This type of merchant is a very high risk to your financial well-being and should be avoided.

You should also stay away from best online sex toy shop who don’t make any contact with their customers. Some on-line dating sites require that you use a credit card. Some on-line merchant processing companies will require that you provide them with a bank account number in order to process your payment. By using a credit card, you are taking on the risk of being rejected due to insufficient funds in your account. It is best to avoid accepting any online payments from on-line dating websites or other high risk adult industry merchants. Many banks refuse to process accounts created in this manner.

Adult merchants who are high risk will often charge a very high rate for shipping. High risk online merchants will often demand that you pay for a package or charge you an outrageous shipping fee for your purchases. Most high risk on-line companies will also charge a high rate for credit card processing. They may do this in hopes of tricking you into purchasing other products on their site.

Many adult industry merchants fail to make any contact with their customers. Instead they will redirect you to their own website to process your order. By avoiding these on-line adult industry merchants you will greatly increase your chances of avoiding chargebacks and receiving your purchases on time. There are many credit card processors who will gladly process your chargebacks from merchants that are legitimate. Know more about sex at

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